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Not Merch, It’s Just Creativity

What we are starting and officially launching today is not merch, it’s just creativity. It is that plain and simple. We are not looking to create a brand that just wants to sell stuff. On the contrary, I would call this the “anti-brand”. In a world full of itself, I want to make sure that we can share creativity with everyone.

This may be called the “Acevedo Collective”, but it’s for everyone. As a way to make this platform for everyone, we will be sharing what other people (mostly our friends) make and do. We know creative photographers, designers, and artists that need a platform and we would like to be that platform. But more details on that later.

I just wanted to make sure that people knew beforehand that we are not trying to be influencers or anything like that. Like the title of this post says: “Not Merch, It’s Just Creativity”. We don’t wanna be superstars or whatever. We want to share the things we make and if people like it, they can purchase it. Another objective is that we want to be a hub for other creatives. Not just network, but actually make lasting friendships. Cause let’s be honest, LinkedIn sucks.

In the meanwhile, we will be occasionally updating the storefront with new designs from Ashley, assets from Isaack, and services from myself. We are also planning on doing some other things starting in the new year.

Thanks for reading and supporting us! You can check out Ashley’s Christmas card designs right 👉 here 👈.